November 17, 2009 Stream Team 48 joined eight other Southwest Missouri Stream Teams to explore the possibility of forming a Stream Team Association for the area.  In attendance were ST's 48, 2011, 2945, 3128, 3308, 3364, 3714, 3719, and 4066.  Discussed were goals for the association as well as nominations for an association name to
be voted on at a later date by those present.  A President was named by acclamation and a secretary was selected.  Adopted goals were to facilitate cooperation with teams in
the Elk River/Spring River watershed and to provide a collective response mechanism for projects both planned and unexpected, as well as provide a forum for sharing team experiences and lessons learned.  Four possible names for the association were submitted.  The group approved quarterly meetings.  An operating board was approved so
that a constitution and bylaws could be drafted.  January 13, 2010, the operating board met  to draft a constitution and by-laws and create a ballot for an association name to be voted on by all members that week.  January 20, 2010 the operating board met once again to finalize the constitution and bylaws.  This time an official name was selected for the association:  Southwest Ozarks Stream Teams(SWOST).  Copies of the constitution and bylaws were distributed to all member teams and are available to activie Stream Teams interested in joining the association.  February 20, 2010 SWOST held its first meeting as an MDC recognized Stream Team Association.  The meeting held at Carver Monument was hosted by ST #3719.  March 6, 2010 the SWOST President traveled to Jefferson City to attend a meeting of the MDC Coalition of Stream Team Associations(currently 15 associations statewide).  A petition to make SWOST a member of the coalition was accepted.  The coalition has the solid support of both MDC and DNR and provides a vehicle for statewide associations to communicate and address common goals.  Southwest Ozarks Stream Teams has been designated a ST #4139 by the MDC.  A SWOST website is in the planning stages and should be up and running in the near future.  All active stream teams in the Elk River/Spring River watersheds are urged to join SWOST.  If your adopted stream is listed below this association was created for you:


Beemans Creek                                                                 Fidelity Creek                                                           North Fork

Big Cedar Creek                                                                 Five Mile Creek                                                        North Indian Creek

Big Sugar Creek                                                                 Grannys Branch                                                       Opossum Creek

Blackberry Creek                                                                Grove Creek                                                              Patterson Creek

Boynham Branch                                                                Harrison Branch                                                      Pettis Creek 

Brush Creek                                                                         Hickory Creek                                                          Pine Creek

Buck Branch                                                                         Huffman Branch                                                      Saratoga Creek

Buffalo Creek                                                                       Hutchison Branch                                                   Shoal Creek

Bullskin Creek                                                                     Indian Creek                                                             Silver Creek

Capps Creek                                                                       Jenkins Creek                                                          South Indian Creek

Carver Branch                                                                     Jones Creek                                                              Spencer Branch

Cedar Creek                                                                        Little Lost Creek                                                        Spring Creek

Center Creek                                                                       Little North Fork                                                         Spring River

Clear Creek                                                                          Little Sugar Creek                                                     Stedman Branch

Coon Creek                                                                          Lost Creek                                                                  Stogden Creek

Deer Creek                                                                           Mason Spring Creek                                                 Sugar Fork Branch

Douthit Branch                                                                     McDougle Creek                                                        Sycamore Creek

Dry Creek                                                                              Middle Indian Creek                                                  Trent Creek

Duval Creek                                                                          Mill Creek                                                                     Turkey Creek                            

Elk River                                                                                 Motley Branch                                                             Warren Branch

Elkhorn Creek                                                                       Murphy Creek                                                              White Oak Creek

Elm Spring Branch                                                               Newtonia Branch                                                        Willow Branch

If you require further information, please e-mail